ERP Resource

1] Consulting by experts from Manufacturing domain experts.

2] Hand holding With End Users during implementation Period.

3] Expert Guidance for Problem Solving For Faster implementation.

4] Guideline For Preparation of Item  Master Data.

5] Recorded  Video of Training availability on Online Portal.

6] Access to online E-learning Portal to get help Remotely.

7] Support by online E-ticket Portal.Instant connectivity with improsys Support Team.

8] Online Access to help & FAQ File.

9] Provision of operation Manuals.

10] Supports on Email & SMS Sending to Customers /Suppliers & Support For Telephone.

11] Period Feedback from Customers.

12] Visit & Expert Technical Person to understands Customers Requirements.

13] Simplicity & User Friendliness.

14] Help to improve your daily routine work & Pending Task & Avoiding Repetitive  Task.

15] Web Based Multi user Software can be accessed through internet as well as intranet.

16] Supports Bar code Printer for inventory Management.

17] Compatibility with Excel ,Word and PDF.

18] Sales, Purchase,Inventory and Payment Analysis.

19] Payment alerts & Follow -Ups.

20] Latest technology of visual Studio &.Net framework 3.5 Used.

21] Demonstration of cases from similar industry.

22] Software Support

    • Flow Chart.
    • Operational Manuals
    • Videos
    • FAQs
    • Import Utilities

23] Site Visit.


ERP System For Small Business

Small business Fast ERP is used to describe a lightweight business management software that is designed to meet the needs of a small business. Fast ERP software integrates all facets of an operation, including development, manufacturing, sales and marketing.

ERP Small Business Feature

  •   Inventory Management

Inventory is one of the largest line items in cash flow management These   insights enable inventory optimization, ensuring the proper quantities of available inventory, increasing inventory turns, eliminating over/under ordering and overproduction, while minimizing costs.

  •   Real-Time Decisions and Visibility

Real Time Production Monitoring track and embed performance automatically for all aspects of production in true real time, improving efficiency, visibility and productivity. View work center performance or check production as it occurs, including:

    • Total parts created
    • production time
    • unscheduled downtime
    • rejects and outstanding part
  •   Quality Compliance

Quality Compliance helps redundant data entry, duplicate entries and errors , non-conforming inventory and BOMs through your ERP, saving time, cutting costs and increasing communications.

  •   Optimize Warehouse Efficiency

Whether your customers are demanding advanced product storage and delivery solutions, or your facility is looking for better ways to optimize inventory and  warehouse activities Enable real-time inventory control and production data, increasing data accuracy while lowering the cost of data collection.

ERP Software For Small Business & their Benefits

  • Transparency: Instead of each department having its own information system, all relevant data can be shared and accessed by all the departments. This eliminates the need to re-enter or export data, which can result in less errors, increased productivity and reduced expenses on human resource.
  • Decision-making: Real-time data provided by the system can be beneficial for marketing, management, accounting, and enables the organization to make vital decisions on time and reduce waste.
  • Productivity: With increased clarity by streamlined business processes, staff can shift their focus on managing increased volumes of business. This aids in transforming various facets of your business and overcoming the challenges involved in business growth.


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