Purchase Module in Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Purchase Module – Flow

As name indicates, purchase modules take care of all the processes that are part of procurement of  items or raw materials that are required for organization.  Purchase module consist of functionalities like supplier/vendor listing, supplier & item linking, sending quotation request to vendors, receiving & recording quotations, analysis of quotations, preparing purchase orders, tracking the purchase items, preparing GRNs(Good Receipt Notes) & updating stocks & various reports . Purchase module is integrated with Inventory module &  Engineering/production module for updating of stocks.

Purchase Against BOM

Purchase Against Stock

Purchase for Forecast

purchase in ERP


Purchase stock In ERP


purchase cost




pr supplier


PR in erp

 PR Feature

  • Purchase requisition for Stock
  • Purchase requisition for Order (Order-BOM)
  • Purchase requisition against shortages
  • Purchase requisition against Sales Plan
  • Pending PR analysis
  • User wise PR analysis
  • Item wise PR analysis

PO Feature

Track your Purchase Expenses with different accounts

  • Capital
  • Raw Material
  • Labour
  • Job Work
  • Consumable
  • Stationary
  • Packaging
  • Maintenance
  • EDP

Other Feature Also.

  • Supplier price list generation
  • PO generation in 2 minutes
  • Multiple unit conversion
  • Utilize your staff time for value adding activity
  • Delivery schedules for item
  • Authorize/Release PO
  • Prevent over-purchasing