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Who we are?

Fast Software Technology is a company specializing in business enhancement solutions, with a primary focus on systems design, development, and implementation. We mainly work on creating, building, and setting up computer systems. Our specialty is making solutions that make businesses better, and we're especially focused on designing, developing, and putting these systems into action.
Our main goal is to provide affordable and modern ways for small, medium, and big companies to manage their work well. We want to give our customers an advantage over their competition by using really good processes.


Our Mission And Vision


Our aim is to offer user-friendly software solutions. These solutions not only boost productivity but also deliver substantial value, nurturing success for businesses of all scales.

We are committed to creating software that turns problems into chances, helping businesses flourish in the digital era.


Our vision is to change industries by smoothly using smart software solutions. These solutions make things work better, simplify processes, and raise quality.

We are constantly working to enhance our clients' organizational quality, satisfaction, and returns for investors and shareholders.

Experience & Certifications

With more than ten years of experience in creating and building software, Fast Software Technology has a strong history of coming up with new ideas. We've successfully set up software over 100 times and provided over 1500 training sessions. Our dedication to helping businesses grow using technology is clear. Fast Software Technology has certifications like ISO 27001, 9001, and CMMI Maturity Level 5, which show how serious we are about security, quality, and know-how. Pick us as your partner for trustworthy solutions that help your business get bigger.

Fast Software Technology,

A-29, Jai Ganesh Vision, A wing, Ground floor, Akurdi, Pune-411035, Maharashtra, India.
Mail on: sales@fasterpsoftware.com
Mobile: 7720022233

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