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The Admin Module in our ERP system empowers administrators with two distinct options for comprehensive management.

    The System Admin functionality provides essential tools for user administration, including user entry, password resets, and the establishment of user hierarchies. The User Management Information System (MIS) offering detailed insights into user activities through reports and logs, ensuring transparency and accountability.
    On the other hand, the Functional Admin aspect of the module focuses on employee-related functionalities. This includes efficient employee entry, a comprehensive Employee Reference Master, and an array of detailed reports. The Admin Module serves as a centralized hub for seamless user and employee management within the ERP system.

Admin Module Feature

  1. User Entry:- Efficiently add new users to the system with user entry functionality.
  2. Role Configuration:- Define and configure roles for users, ensuring role-based access and responsibilities.
  3. Access Rights Management:- Assign access rights based on roles, allowing for granular control over system functionality.
  4. User Deactivation:- Deactivate users when needed, ensuring secure and controlled access to the system.
  5. Login History Tracking:- Monitor and track user login history for security and auditing purposes.
  6. Password Management:- Manage user passwords securely, facilitating password resets and policy enforcement.

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