Anti-Spam Policy

Anti-Spam Policy for Fast ERP Services
This Anti-Spam Policy outlines the guidelines and conditions governing the use of Fast ERP Services for the transmission of bulk or commercial emails ("Covered Services"). Users are required to adhere to this policy as a precondition for utilizing the Covered Services.

  1. Permission-Based Usage:

    • Covered Services are exclusively for sending emails or messages to individuals who have granted explicit permission to receive communications on the subject matter of the sent content. This includes permission-based email marketing practices.
    • Fast ERP strictly enforces its Anti-Spam Policy, and users found sending emails to recipients without proper authorization risk the termination of their user accounts.
  2. Accurate Routing and Header Information:

    • Users must ensure the accuracy of routing and header information, including the "From" and "To" email addresses, originating domain name, and email address authenticity.
  3. Conspicuous Opt-out Notice:

    • All marketing emails must contain a clear and conspicuous notice stating that the message is an advertisement or solicitation. Additionally, recipients should be informed about their ability to opt out of further commercial emails from the sender.
  4. Verification Requests:

    • Fast ERP reserves the right to request users to provide proof of express permission for emails sent to addresses imported into Covered Services, irrespective of whether marketing emails have been sent to such addresses.

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