Asset Management Software


Asset Management Software












Asset Management Feature


    • Create spare part list
    • Define spare part list required for Asset.
    • Define asset Maintenance Alerts
    • Define Spare Part quantity required for Asset.
    • Define Spare Part Maintenance Alerts.
    • MIS Reports
    • Master Equipment list.
    • Machine Spare part list.
    • Barcode Generation
    • Equipment Monitoring
    • Maintenance Scheduling
    • Maintenance Log.
    • Breakdown Alerts
    • Use Correct Spares
    • Track Maintenance Status
    • Track Maintenance Expenses
    • Downtime Analysis

Maintenance Schedule Feature

  • Create Maintenance Schedule (General Inspection/Preventive etc)
  • Define to do list/Assign task of maintenance
  • Budget Planning for maintenance activity
  • Schedule Target dates
  • Sequencing of Activities (Parallel/Sequential)
  • Schedule Calendar (Machine wise/Engineer Wise)

Maintenance Work Order

Maintenance Work order

Maintenance Work order Flow

  • Generate work order based on warranty/servicing alerts.


  • Generate work orders from Breakdown alerts.


  • Assign Budgets for work orders.


  • Define Time line for Work order.


  • Work Order Completion.


  • Work Order Wise Status.

Dispatch Features


Dispatch Benefits

Dispatch Benefits

Asset Receipts

Asset Receipts

Asset Receipts Benefits

Asset Receipts Benefits


  • Alerts – Get alerts of items or Packages which are not inspected.
  • Segregation-Separate the rejected material from the lot and place them in the Rejected Store.
  • Rejection Analysis-Keep records of the material rejected along with the reasons of rejection
  • MIS Reports

Asset Inventory Feature

  • Location ,Item wise Stock


  • Stock valuation on FIFO Master rate,Weighted average rate.


  • Store,Item,date wise ledgers


  • Non Moving,Slow Moving Products


  • Reorder level Alerts






Asset Inventory Feature

Asset Inventory Module – Feature

  • Material issues


  • Material Consumption-oil,grease etc.


  • Stock transfer


  • Scrap generation


  • Reports


  • Item, Party,Periodic Ledgers.








Asset inventory Module

Asset Inventory Management Features

Ledger Reports

1)Get Ledger reports of inventory in your  warehouse at many levels Such as,

  • Periodic Ledger Report
  • Transaction wise ledger Report
  • Asset wise ledger Report
  • Storage location wise Report.
  • Summary Report

2) Spares and Consumables Reorder Alerts

3) Scrap Management


Asset Inventory Management Advantage

  • Improvement in Cash Flow
  • Improvement in Productivity
  • Better inventory Control


Asset Maintenance – Reports

Asset Maintenance Report