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In Fast ERP software's Bill of Materials (BOM) module, you can easily organize and manage all the parts needed for production.

    The system provides a user-friendly way to create product structures, define kits, and keep track of alternate options. The Master BOM is a detailed and version-controlled list of product components, while Order BOMs simplify material lists for specific production orders. You can set fixed or flexible specifications for parts, and changes are tracked through an approval process. Notes can be added to improve communication, and external references or drawings can be linked for clarity. User access is controlled, and activities are tracked for security.

Bill of Material Features

  1. Part List Management:- Centralized database for parts with details.
  2. Assembly BOM Creation:- User-friendly interface for creating product structures.
  3. Kit Preparation:- Easy definition and management of product kits.
  4. Master BOM:- Detailed and version-controlled master product structure.
  5. Alternate BOM:- Option to create alternative product structures.
  6. Order BOM:- Generation of production-specific material lists.
  7. Fixed/Variable Specifications:- Define unchanging and changeable part details.
  8. Revision Control (ECN), Approval:- Tracking changes and approvals for BOM revisions.
  9. Notes, Remarks:- Add comments or notes to BOM components.
  10. References, Drawings:- Link external references or drawings to BOM.
  11. Raw Material BOM:- Separate tracking of raw material structures.
  12. Separate tracking of raw material structures:- Manage BOMs for waste materials efficiently.

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