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Budgeting is a critical aspect for industries, guiding decision-making processes and ensuring efficient allocation of resources. The industry's budget serves as the foundation for all procurement operations, influencing every aspect of business activities.
ERP software dedicated to budgeting streamlines this process by collecting and analyzing data from finance and accounts modules, offering valuable insights for informed decision-making.
Furthermore, it facilitates team tasks by providing accurate budget allocations and real-time visibility into available funds, enhancing overall financial management within the organization.


Features Budgeting Module

  • Define organization-wide budgets easily within the ERP system.
  • Allocate budgets specifically for each department's expenses.
  • Establish budgets for item groups to manage expenditures effectively.
  • Monitor budget consumption automatically upon Purchase Order (PO) generation.
  • Track budget consumption in real-time during Purchase Requisition (PR) generation.
  • Generate comprehensive reports analyzing sales budget details for informed decision-making.
  • Access detailed analysis reports for purchasing budgets, enhancing procurement strategies and cost management.

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