Types of ERP Software

What are Types of ERP Software

Types of ERP Software


Fast ERP is a way of integrating organizational data and processes into a single system. Fast ERP systems will generally have a hardware component, a software component and a process documentation component.Types of ERP Software system may cover manufacturing, quality control, manufacturing engineering, parts ordering, accounts payable or human resources.


Generalist ERP. Many legacy and cloud Fast ERP solutions are generalists. They adapt to processes across industries. These solutions have strong customization and integration to match varying industry requirements.


Vertical ERP. These are industry-specific ERP. Often, vertical ERP vendors are startups or smaller companies that try to focus on a niche, such as, construction, supermarket distribution or retail fashion.


Small business ERP. These are off-the-shelf cloud or on-premise Fast ERP solutions. Often, the Fast ERP is modularized with pared-down features. Instead of delivering a fully integrated system, small business Fast ERP serves one or two business processes and leaves out the others. For instance, it features HRM and accounting function only, with add-on options for CRM, inventory or supply chain management. For this, small business Fast ERP is also referred to as lightweight ERP.


Open source ERP

Open-source ERP solutions are still a tiny fraction of the total ERP market.But    solutions like ERP lend to companies with resident tech teams the flexibility to develop and integrate their own apps into the ERP .For developers, open-source increases usability and user adoption because the ERP can churn out highly customized processes.


Industry Specific ERP

Fast ERP systems for large corporations are often built from the ground up to suit the organization’s specific and unique needs. For a small business like yours, an off-the-shelf model will work fine. Most are grouped into three categories to service manufacturing, finance or logistics based companies.


Web-Based ERP

Fast ERP programs tend to be complex, requiring high-end computers to run them. However, instead of purchasing the software to run on your computer in your office, many suppliers offer Software . In this case, you pay a subscription to access the software and your data over the internet. Because the program is running on a remote server, you are free to access it from anywhere you have an Internet connection.


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