Finance Module


With Fast ERP Finance, managing invoices is easy for any business.

    In Finance module Users can effortlessly create and edit invoices, exploring various reports, including proforma invoices, for comprehensive financial insights. The payment options facilitate efficient handling of receipts against invoices and credit notes, accompanied by detailed MIS reports for transparent financial tracking. Additionally, our system streamlines bill entry processes, allowing for easy supplier bill entry, editing, and clearance. The module further accommodates debit note entries, ensuring a robust financial system with all-encompassing reports for informed decision-making and financial control.

Finance Module Feature

  1. Expense Planning Against Orders:- Plan expenses strategically by associating them with specific orders for accurate budgeting.
  2. Expense Control via Purchase Orders (PO):- Exercise control over expenses by enforcing a systematic approach through purchase orders.
  3. Cost Center, Department:-Monitor and analyze budget utilization at the granular level of cost centers and departments.
  4. Budget Utilization Monitoring:- Keep track of budget utilization on a per-user basis, enhancing accountability.
  5. Comprehensive MIS Reports:- Comprehensive reports providing real-time insights into cost control, budget utilization, and overall financial performance.

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