Follow-Up Module


The Follow-Up module in Fast ERP system seamlessly manages various operations

    Fast ERP system streamlines customer engagement by automating due payment and cleared payment alerts, along with targeted promotional messages. It provides a centralized platform to record and track customer communications, allowing users to define and manage follow-up dates efficiently. With a historical analysis feature, the module offers insights into follow-ups based on customer, salesperson, status, and quarter. Task management is simplified with lists of pending quotations, payments, and orders, accompanied by timely alerts for users.
    The Follow-Up dashboard provides a consolidated view for informed decision-making and strategic planning of follow-up activities.

Follow-Up Module Feature

  1. Customer Communication:- Streamline customer follow-ups with automated communication tracking for enhanced engagement.
  2. Payment Alerts:- Send due and cleared payment alerts to customers, ensuring transparency and timely transactions.
  3. Follow-Up Analysis:- Conduct historic analysis based on customers, salespersons, status, and quarters for informed decision-making.
  4. Supplier Communication:- Record and track communication with both customers and suppliers for comprehensive relationship management.
  5. Define Follow-Up Dates:- Define and manage next follow-up dates, ensuring a systematic and timely approach to customer interactions.
  6. Comprehensive Dashboard:- Utilize a centralized dashboard for a consolidated view of enquiries, quotations, and follow-ups, aiding strategic planning and decision-making.

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