Maintenance Module


    Fast Maintenance module in our ERP software is a robust system encompassing a structured maintenance plan that covers software preparation, problem identification, and product configuration management.
    The module Has advanced functionalities like maintenance scheduling, enabling users to set up custom checklists and link them to specific equipment, and a detailed maintenance log for comprehensive record-keeping, complete with file attachments such as equipment manuals and certifications. Furthermore, it streamlines workflow by generating work orders based on warranty and servicing alerts, breakdown alerts, and allows for budget allocation to efficiently manage maintenance activities.

Maintenance Module Feature

  1. Efficient Work Order Creation:- Streamline work order generation based on warranty or servicing alerts, ensuring prompt maintenance actions.
  2. Rapid Response to Breakdowns:- Generate work orders promptly in response to breakdown alerts, ensuring agile problem resolution.
  3. Progress Monitoring:- Monitor and assess work order-wise progress and status, ensuring accountability and transparency.
  4. Proactive Maintenance Scheduling:- Implement proactive Maintenance Scheduling with user-friendly features for General Inspection and Preventive Maintenance.
  5. Comprehensive Maintenance Log:- Create a detailed Maintenance Log, attaching necessary documents for comprehensive record-keeping.
  6. Task Assignment in Schedules:- Easily establish and assign tasks within maintenance schedules, facilitating organized and systematic workflow.

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