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Process Planning Module


The Fast ERP Process Planning module is a pivotal component designed to optimize manufacturing workflows

    The ERP Process Planning module has ability to define and standardize processes for finished goods, estimate standard time and costs, and allocate work centers and operators effectively, this module ensures streamlined and cost-effective production. Subcontracting and job-work planning are seamlessly integrated, allowing for comprehensive control over the entire production ecosystem. Features like rework planning, pending order analysis, rejection analysis, and stoppage analysis contribute to enhanced quality control and overall process efficiency. It checks orders, keeps an eye on quality, and makes sure everyone is doing their best.

Process Planning Module Feature

  1. Standard FG Process Planning:- Define and plan the standard processes for producing finished goods, ensuring consistency and quality.
  2. Standard Time, Cost for Processes:- Estimation and tracking of standard time and costs associated with each production process.
  3. Work Center Allocation, Plan Timings, Costing:- Efficient allocation of work centers, planning of timings, and costing for streamlined production.
  4. Operator Allocation, Machine Allocation:- Assign operators and machines to specific tasks, optimizing resource utilization.
  5. Subcontract/Job-Work Planning:- Plan and manage subcontracted or job-work processes seamlessly within the production schedule.
  6. Rework Planning:- Incorporate plans for rework processes, ensuring efficient handling of quality issues.
  7. Pending Order Analysis, Rejection Analysis:- Analyze pending orders and rejections to identify bottlenecks and improve order fulfillment.
  8. Shift, Machine Wise Stoppage Analysis:- Analyze stoppages by shift and machine to minimize downtime and enhance productivity.
  9. Operator, Machine Wise Efficiency:- Monitor and analyze the efficiency of operators and machines for performance improvement.
  10. WIP/Process Valuation:- Value work in progress and assess the value of each process to understand the overall production costs.

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