Post Sales Module


Fast ERP software Post-Sales module covers customer engagement processes for rapid post-sales efficiency.

    The Post-Sales module in an ERP system seamlessly extends the sales process, managing tasks such as dispatch, invoicing, and order tracking. Leveraging data from sales transactions, it plays a vital role in future opportunity creation and lead generation, fostering continuous customer engagement. This module ensures a cohesive and efficient post-sales experience, contributing to sustained business growth and customer satisfaction.

Post Sales Module Feature

  1. Payment Receipts Against Invoice:- Easily recording payments against regular invoices, ensuring clarity in your finances.
  2. Credit Note Management:- Simplify credit transactions with dedicated features for efficiently managing credit notes.
  3. Advanced Payment Adjustment:- Flexibly adjust advanced payments as needed, ensuring smooth financial transactions and management.
  4. Payment Receipt Vouchers:- Generate precise payment receipt vouchers for transparent and accurate financial documentation.
  5. Comprehensive MIS Reports:- Comprehensive reports providing valuable insights into payment trends and overall financial performance.

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