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Pre -Sales Module Flow


In the Fast ERP system, the Pre-Sales module plays a crucial role in managing the initial stages of the sales cycle.

  • The Quotation Document is the initial step in the pre-sales process.
  • After creating the quotation, the next step is to submit it to the customer for review.
  • This stage involves monitoring the customer's acknowledgment or receipt of the quotation.
  • Follow-ups may include communication via email, phone calls, or other channels to address any questions.
  • Once the customer decides to move forward with the purchase, the sales team generates an order confirmation.

Pre- Sales Module Feature

  1. Marketing Platform Provision:- The ERP system offers an integrated marketing platform, incorporating features like email marketing for targeted outreach.
  2. Diverse Customer Inquiry Sources:- Manages customer inquiries from various channels, including emails and phone calls.
  3. Enquiry Tracking:- Efficiently tracks and logs customer inquiries for better visibility and follow-up.
  4. Swift Quotation Preparation:- Enables rapid preparation of quotations, with a streamlined process designed to complete within 2 minutes.
  5. Attachment of References:- Allows the attachment of discussion references, catalogues, and data sheets to enhance the information provided in quotations.
  6. Automated Email Communication:- Automatically sends emails containing inquiries and quotations to customers.
  7. PDF Format for Enquiry and Quotation:- Generates and presents inquiries and quotations in PDF format, ensuring a professional and standardized appearance.
  8. Communication Tracking:- Tracks and logs communication with customers, providing a comprehensive history for reference.
  9. Customer-Wise Analysis:- Facilitates detailed analysis based on individual customers, offering insights into their preferences and behaviors.
  10. Salesperson-Wise Analysis:- Provides analysis tools to evaluate performance on a salesperson-specific basis.
  11. Product-Wise Analysis:- Enables analysis based on products, aiding in inventory management and strategic decision-making.
  12. Data Export Functionality:- Offers the capability to export data seamlessly to popular formats such as Excel, Word, and PDF for further analysis or reporting.

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