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Pre- Sales Module


Pre-sales involves a set of activities carried out before acquiring a customer, and occasionally extends into the period when the product or service is delivered. It is a crucial process encompassing various sales-related tasks

Sales-order Module


A sales order, an internally generated document, meticulously captures the details of a customer's external purchase order, serving as a crucial link between the company's internal processes and the customer's procurement requirements.

BOM Module


Bill of Materials is a comprehensive list detailing the parts or components necessary for constructing a product. In its intricate form, a BoM is a multi-level document offering build information for various sub-assemblies, within products.

Process Module


The planning process in business involves formulating goals, strategies, task lists, and schedules to achieve the organization's objectives. As a fundamental function of management, effective planning aims to optimize need satisfaction.

Production Module


To make manufacturing smoother, we need to remove unnecessary steps. This highlights the need for a production planning and control system that is easy to use and adaptable, ensuring a more organized and waste-free operation.

Quality Module


Good product quality is crucial for attracting lots of customers. In our ERP system, software has a quality control tool that keeps an eye on things from production to storage. This tool helps in the early identification of issues.

Purchase Module


A purchase order (PO) is a written agreement between a buyer and a seller. It lists what the buyer wants to buy, when they want it, how much, and other important details like payment and delivery. It's like a shopping list with clear rules for both parties.

Inventory Module


Inventory management is all about deciding where and how goods are stored. It's needed in various spots in a place or across different locations in a supply network to make sure everything is ready for production and there's enough material in stock as planned.

Finance Module


Financial accounting involves keeping track, summarizing, and reporting the various transactions occur during a business's operations over time. These transactions are used to create financial statements, such as the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow.



Checking in with your customers through a follow-up call to see how they feel about your product or service and if they have any questions is a wonderful way to ensure customer satisfaction and gather valuable feedback.

Admin Module


Admin Module offers crucial tools for user administration, allowing user entry, password resets, and establishing user hierarchies. The User Management Information System (MIS) provides detailed insights into user activities.

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