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In the ERP Production module, start with taking customer order

    Next step of production create a work order with details about what needs to be made. This turns into job cards that guide each production task. When everything's done, a material requisition tells us what materials were used. We then update our raw material stock, subtracting what was used and adding any leftovers. It's like a production journey from order to materials, all managed smoothly in the ERP system.

Production Module Feature

  1. Material Requisitions Orders, Spares:- Capability to generate material requisition orders, including spares, ensuring a systematic approach to material procurement.
  2. Material Returns- Efficient tracking and management of material returns, allowing for accurate inventory control and reconciliation.
  3. Work Order Generation:- Ability to create work orders specifying production tasks, ensuring clarity and organization in the manufacturing process.
  4. Work Order Completion:- Recording and tracking the completion of work orders, providing insights into the progress of production tasks.
  5. Daily Production Entry:- A user-friendly interface for daily entry of production data, simplifying the recording of production activities.
  6. Pending Material Requisition:- Monitoring and reporting on pending material requisitions, allowing for proactive management of material needs.
  7. Production Job Cards/Work Orders:- Generation and management of production job cards or work orders, detailing the tasks and requirements for each production activity.
  8. Daily Production Reports:- Comprehensive daily production reports, offering insights into production performance, efficiency, and resource utilization.

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