Purchase Module In ERP System


Fast ERP System, the Purchase module offers a comprehensive solution to streamline procurement processes.

    The Purchase Requisition feature enables users to effortlessly generate new purchase requisitions, integrating with Bills of Materials (BOM) for accuracy. With options to add, edit, and release requisitions, users can maintain precise control over procurement requests. The Purchase Order functionality further enhances efficiency, allowing for the creation, release, and easy viewing of various types of Management Information System (MIS) reports associated with purchase orders. Whether it's adding new purchase orders, making edits, or reviewing releases, our ERP system ensures a seamless and transparent procurement experience.

Purchase Module Feature

  1. Purchase Requisition for Order (Order-BOM):- Ability to generate purchase requisitions directly from orders, ensuring accuracy and reducing manual input.
  2. Pending PR Analysis:- The Pending PR Analysis helps providing valuable insights and timely resolution of pending purchase requisitions.
  3. Efficient PO Generation in 2 Minutes:- Faster and user-friendly purchase order generation feature, ensuring timely transactions.
  4. Purchase Order Management:- Seamlessly create, release, and view purchase orders, facilitating a transparent and organized procurement process.
  5. Comprehensive MIS Reports:- Access various Reports associated with purchase orders, providing detailed insights for informed decision-making.

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