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Quality Management In ERP System


Fast ERP System's quality control module is a crucial tool for businesses. It ensures quality at every stage

    Good product quality is crucial for attracting lots of customers. In our ERP system, our software has a quality control tool that keeps an eye on things from production to storage. It helps us track the quality at each step, catching any problems early on. This tool helps in the early identification of issues, allowing us to fix them quickly and avoid wasting resources. With our ERP quality control, we make sure our products are always top-notch, making customers happy and our business successful.

Quality Module Feature

  1. Create checklists for every important stage to keep a close watch on quality at each step.
  2. Define how things should be done with standard operating procedures, ensuring everyone sticks to the plan for top-quality products.
  3. Facility to define Standard Operating Procedures for consistent and high-quality processes.
  4. Capture analysis methods for attributes, ensuring a smart approach to quality assessment.
  5. Specify attribute values for each inspection plan, pinpointing the exact quality requirements.
  6. The software provides a facility for rejection analysis, allowing for the quick identification and resolution of quality problems.

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