Quality in Enterprise Resource Planning Software


Product quality is a vital factor for acquiring a large customer base. To expect quality output from the production department a business needs to keep a close check on the quality levels at its various stages of production.

Production, purchase and store department with our quality control module helps a business keep a track of its quality levels at various stages. Thus helping it to detect the quality variance at initial stages, initiate rectification procedures and reduce wastage.


Facility for In-process Inspection and Quality Clearance

    • Ability to define control points based on control factors like Warehouse, Master Recipe, Supplier, Customer, etc
    • Ability to define inspection plan for each control point
    • Ability to have attribute / non-attribute based (check list) inspection plan
    • Facility to define standard operating procedures
    • Ability to capture Analysis methods for attributes
    • Ability to specify attribute values for each inspection plan
    • Ability to override sample result status
    • Ability to suggest lot change / item change based on Quality Clearance Feedback.