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Fast ERP System's Store module, we've streamlined inventory management with a suite of powerful features.

    Erp System has efficient Material Issues and precise Material Consumption tracking to seamless Stock Transfers and Adjustments, our system ensures a well-organized and controlled store environment. Additionally, the module facilitates the creation of Finished Goods and manages Scrap Generation, maintaining a balance between production and waste. Our Store module is designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy in every aspect of inventory control.

Inventory Module Feature


Fast ERP system elevates inventory management to new heights, ensuring streamlined control and real-time visibility

    Our system gives you detailed info about where items are stored and their quantities, allowing you to see what's in stock in real-time. It uses smart methods to calculate values like FIFO, Master rate, and Weighted Average rate, helping you understand the financial side of your inventory. You can easily check records for each store, item, and date. Additionally, the module identifies Non-moving and Slow-moving products, helping you make better decisions And it's proactive, alerting you when it's time to reorder, so you can keep your inventory in great shape.

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